3-D Chalk Artist June 10 - Jennifer Chaparro

Born in St. Joseph, Michigan in the early sixties, Jennifer Nichols was born into an artistic family. Her grandfather, Harry E. Stinson, was a recognized Sculptor, Painter and Art Professor at the University of Iowa and Hunter College in New York City. Click the link below to the The Winfield Historical Society site for information on her grandfather, Harry Stinson, and his art. Jennifer’s formal art training started in high school, and she began to accumulate awards and sell her early watercolor paintings.

Later, Jennifer attended UCLA, graduating with a degree in Design, focusing on costume & clothing design. She continued to pursue painting while working in advertising and raising her two daughters in Dayton, Ohio. Jennifer’ work was exhibited at various galleries and events in Ohio between 1992 - 1999. She also was very involved with the Dayton Visual Arts Center, serving as their president and as a board member and contributing artist.

In 1999, she moved to Palm Beach, Florida. In 2004, Jennifer and her daughters began participating in the Street Painting Festival in Lake Worth, Florida, which is the largest street painting event in the United States, attracting 100,000 visitors each year. Jennifer and her daughters have completed several large 10’ x 10’ works, usually featuring women and children, a theme that draws much attention. She received her Semplice Professional Certification in 2009 and her Qualificato Certification in 2010, and her Maestro Certification in 2011 from the FCAA. In 2012, Jennifer founded the International Street Painting Society, as a way to help other street artists connect and be more successful, and help street painting be seen as a legitimate art form.

Jennifer’s work shows a unique talent for capturing faces and expressions. By working to duplicate the colors and shading of the original art, Jennifer stays true to the original work of art. Using soft pastel chalk on pavement or concrete surfaces, these large works of art are washed away after each event. Jennifer’s philosophy is that street painting is as much about the performance and execution, as it is about the art. The immediacy and challenges of the “canvas”, weather and medium make each piece special and unique. Usually over the course of 2 days, each piece comes to life before your eyes. Constantly looking for new challenges, she is open to new materials and processes, and will chalk on just about anything.

In addition to the chalk art, Jennifer has done work in a variety of media such as pen & ink, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, ceramics and fiber, and freelances as a graphic designer, specializing in logos, advertising & marketing materials and websites.

PDF: www.amazingstreetpainting.com/uploads/3/2/3/4/3234884/jennifer_art_bio2012.pdf

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