Watch Jennifer Chaparro Create Her 3D Chalk Artwork

Bridge Beats kicked off Friday, June 10, featuring pop cover band Waiting for Weekend and 3D chalk artist Jennifer Chaparro. For the Chalk Walk, Jennifer was inspired by Omaha’s rich history and the Bridge Beats location, Lewis and Clark Landing. Her 3D piece featured the two pioneers preparing to cross the Missouri River, and also honored the National Park Service’s centennial. Jennifer’s work is unique because it is one-point perspective, meaning the viewer must stand in one specific spot to see the artwork properly. See her creating the piece in the video above.

Bridge Beats would like to thank Jennifer for providing fun, interactive art for our Bridge Beats fans, and we hope you will join us at our next Chalk Walk on Friday, June 24, which will feature local artists Kristin Pluhacek and Matt Seeley.

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